7 Tips for Improving Your Social Media Game

June 30th is World Social Media Day and in celebration, we’re sharing with you some tips and tricks to better promote yourself on social media.

Share Your Work

ArtStation makes it easy to share your work across many social media platforms when you publish a project. Just go to any piece in your portfolio and hit the social sharing buttons under your description. Remember to use relevant tags and hashtags to get more visibility for your work; both on ArtStation and on your other social platforms.

Be sure to include a caption that gives more information on the artwork. People like knowing more about the story behind something and generally work with captions perform better than those that don’t.

Artwork by Mad Boogie Creations

Get on a social posting schedule

As an artist, you’ll want to be posting images of your work often. You’ll want to space out these posts because social media algorithms won’t share your posts as well if you dump a whole bunch of them at the same time. Find the right schedule for you whether its once a day, or a couple of times a week. The most important thing is that you remain consistent.

Get an app to help you

If you have trouble keeping on a posting schedule there are tons of apps and websites you can use to schedule when your posts go out. Hootsuite, Later, and Buffer are just a few of the ones available out there.

Artwork by Shin jong hun

Get to know other artists

Engage with other artists by liking and commenting on their work to build a connection. When it comes to collaborations, always credit and/or tag artists who worked on the piece with you. It can help with both your visibility, but it’s also the right polite thing to do.

Jump on the bandwagon

Take part in fun art trends and hashtags to expand the audience of people seeing your work. One of our favorites is the Art vs Artist trend. We even have our own generator for it! Try it out now!

Joining in on ArtStation Jams and Challenges are another great way to take part in something trending.

Update your social media links on ArtStation

Life gets busy, we get it, but its World Social Media Day so take a minute and update your social media links on your ArtStation profile. Think of all the people visiting your ArtStation profile and want to follow you but you haven’t added your social accounts! Or worse, the links are from three usernames ago! Update them now, you’re losing followers!

Follow ArtStation on social media

Follow ArtStation on social media to be part of the artist community! Find out about new opportunities to share your work, participate in challenges, and see what your fellow artists have been working on.


To learn more about marketing yourself as an artist on social media read Chapter 6: Marketing Yourself in The ArtStation Guide to Freelancing.

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