Bungie Destiny 2 The Final Shape

Destiny 2 The Final Shape

Reflecting on the Artistic Journey of The Final Shape

In the culmination of 10 years within the Light and Dark saga, the journey has been nothing short of a creative odyssey. Bringing together complex ideas into a coherent execution that pays homage to nostalgia, narrative intricacies, and visuals that shatter the confines of player expectations in Destiny has posed a challenge that the art team embraced wholeheartedly.

The amalgamation of themes surrounding Light and Dark, including the concept of Prismatic, has been a focal point throughout this endeavor. This notion of Prismatic convergence is vividly portrayed in the mesmerizing visuals of the Traveler portal, the groundbreaking Prismatic Subclass, and the Pale Heart location, where boundaries blur, and new realms of imagination are manifested from memories.

Central to this artistic tapestry is the enigmatic Pale Heart, inviting players to embark on a profound voyage within the Traveler itself. Here, the interplay of Light and Dark unfolds, leading us from the comforting embrace of the familiar to the chilling depths of the nightmarish. As we confront the Witness and his formidable Dread army, the culmination of this journey is both awe-inspiring and unsettling, underscoring the intricate balance between creation and chaos that defines the essence of this saga.

With meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication, the artistry behind The Final Shape project stands as a testament to the arduous yet rewarding pursuit of the art team pushing artistic boundaries, honoring the legacy of the past decade, and delivering an experience that transcends expectations.   

Dave Samuel

Art Director, Destiny 2 The Final Shape Art

How do you take a game that spans the spectrum between science fiction and fantasy and distill it into an expansion worthy of the 10 year visual journey it took?  How do we yet again create something that players will both revel in the unexpected but also feel at home wandering the expanse? 

These challenges are what we artists are made of.  We delight in solving the complex problem that is layering spectacles on top of the unknown, all the while leading the player through the journey that is Destiny 2.  The Final Shape takes the opportunity to bring together for the first time both the Darkness and the Light into a dazzling menagerie that we hope players will find rewarding.  And once again, Bungie’s artists stepped up and more than delivered. 

Shiek Wang

Art Director, Destiny 2 The Final Shape

Concept Artists

Gabriel Garza – Senior Concept Art Lead – Bungie

Eric Pfeiffer – Staff Concept Artist – Bungie

Gabe Zamora – Associate Concept Artist – Bungie

Jacob Gonzalez – Concept Artist – Bungie

Tobias Kwan – Senior Concept Art Lead – Bungie

Will Kalkanis-Ellis – Staff Concept Artist – Bungie

Zak Foreman – Staff Concept Artist – Bungie

Character Artists

Aaron Wehrmeister – Senior Character Artist – Bungie

Alexandra Jackson – Character Artist – Bungie

Cherylynn Lima – Character Artist – Bungie

Dewey Bonczyk – Character Artist – Bungie

Lexington Dath – Character Artist – Bungie

Matt Hjellen – Senior Character Artist – Bungie

Sajjaad Ahmad Ali – Character Artist – Bungie

World Artists

Chuy Salinas – Senior World Artist – Bungie

Christian Chojnacki – Senior World Artist – Bungie

Craig Mesaros – Senior World Artist – Bungie

Frank Robbins – Senior World Artist – Bungie

Ian Davis – World Artist – Bungie

Julio Juarez – Senior World Artist – Bungie

Marc Thompson – Staff World Artist – Bungie

Mary Dvorsky – World Artist – Bungie

Omar Mazin – World Artist – Bungie

Ryan Baker – Senior World Artist – Bungie

Steven Clark – Associate World Artist – Bungie

Chase Emilio – World Artist – Bungie

Tyson Allen – Staff World Artist – Bungie

Vista Artists

Mark Goldsworthy – Vista Lead – Bungie

Eric Cassels – Staff Vista Artist – Bungie

Lighting Artists

Mike Poe – Senior Lighting Lead – Bungie

Danny O’Hailey – Lighting Artist – Bungie

Heather Parsons – Lighting Artist – Bungie

Justin Mayle – Senior Lighting Artist – Bungie

Lani Ming – Lighting Artist – Bungie

Tho Tran – Associate Lighting Artist – Bungie

Hard Surface Artists

Cameron Raab – Hard Surface Artist – Bungie

Chase Markham – Hard Surface Artist – Bungie

Dylan Mellott – Senior Hard Surface Artist – Bungie

Elliot Davis – Associate Hard Surface Artist – Bungie

Elliot Sharp – Staff Hard Surface Artist – Bungie

Fuquan Smith – Associate Hard Surface Artist – Bungie

Max Osta – Associate Hard Surface Artist – Bungie

Ryan Choi – Senior Hard Surface Artist – Bungie

Seth Perlstein – Hard Surface Artist – Bungie

UI Artists

Dakota Galayde – Senior UI Visual Designer – Bungie

Eric Richter – UI Visual Designer – Bungie

Lyndon Willoughby – Icon Artist – Bungie

Palette Artists

Steve Klipowicz – Lead Palette Artist – Bungie

Aaron Cruz – Senior Palette Artist – Bungie

Marketing Artists

Joseph Biwald – Marketing Art Direction – Bungie

Kai Zhou – Senior Marketing Artist – Bungie

Miki Bishop – Production Artist – Bungie

VFX Artists

Alex Brooks – Senior VFX Artist – Bungie

Amanda Golla – Associate VFX Artist – Bungie

Artem Sorokin – Senior VFX Artist – Bungie

Daniel Davis – VFX Artist – Bungie

Devin Robaina – VFX Artist – Bungie

Dillon Herick – Senior VFX Artist – Bungie

Jacob Saunderson – VFX Artist – Bungie

Mark Flieg – VFX Art Lead – Bungie

Zach Jaquays – Senior VFX Artist – Bungie


Fotios Eleftheriadis – Associate Animator – Bungie

Nate Thomas – Animator – Bungie

Ray Hess – Animator – Bungie

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