Guerrilla Horizon Call of the Mountain Art Blast

Horizon Call of the Mountain was released on PlayStation VR2 in February 2023, and we were thrilled to allow players to step into the adventure. 

When we began development for Horizon Call of the Mountain, it was difficult to envision what the end result would look like. 

While we had the world of Horizon to guide us, we also had many challenges ahead: how would we take these iconic machines and vibrant landscapes and alter them to fit first-person virtual reality? 

Returning to the Nora and Carja homelands was the perfect setting for Ryas’ adventure. Taking place alongside part of Aloy’s journey in Horizon Zero Dawn, Ryas made these familiar locations his own stomping grounds, climbing to new heights and making this mark on the woven story of the Horizon franchise. 

It was imperative for close collaboration between Guerrilla and Firesprite, and our other vendors, on this project. Allowing players to don Ryas’ gloves and climb the mountains with their own hands requires a sense of believability only achieved by the incredible skill and talent of all who joined us on our development journey. 

We thank everyone involved for constantly innovating and pushing the envelope. It’s been a pleasure to create with you, and we hope you enjoyed being a part of this journey. Horizon Call of the Mountain showcased the Horizon franchise in a new light and welcomed an audience we hadn’t previously reached, and we’re grateful the result was such a fantastic game. 

On behalf of Guerrilla and Firesprite, we hope you enjoy our Horizon Call of the Mountain art blast! As Ryas’ actor, Mark Allan Stewart would say: be the adventure. 

Jan-Bart van Beek, Studio Director and Art Director, Guerrilla, and Rob Sutton, Art Director, Firesprite, Horizon Call of the Mountain

Daan Meysman – Technical Artist – Cyborn BV

Elias Leonard – 3D Artist – Cyborn BV

Cyborn BV

Norbert Naroznik – Senior Lighting Artist – Firesprite

Ellen Shelley – Senior Lighting Artist – Firesprite

Caleb O’Brien – Senior Character Artist – Firesprite

Rob Thornely – Principle Character Artist – Firesprite

Steve Davison – Lead Character Artist – Firesprite

Cameron Bichener – Tech Artist – Firesprite

Rob Sutton – Associate Art Director – Firesprite

Dean Ashley – Lead Environment Artist – Firesprite

Jody Sargent – Principle Environment Artist – Firesprite

Lorchan Trapp – Senior Environment Artist – Firesprite

Victoria Goldsmith – Environment Artist – Firesprite

Hansapallavi Srinivasan – Environment Artist – Firesprite

One Pixel Brush

MOOD Visuals


Ilya Golitsyn – Lead Franchise Artist – Guerrilla

Braydan Barret – Senior Concept Artist – Firesprite

Jonas Hassibi

Hanne van de Vijver – Animator – Cyborn BV

Jonathan van Baggem – Animator – Cyborn BV


Tristan Morelle – Technical Animator – Cyborn BV

Lucie Houssa – Animator – Cyborn BV

David Chambers – Lead Animator – Firesprite

Gavin Fitzgerald – Firesprite

Tiffany Van Langenberg – Firesprite

Dean James – Firesprite

George Nwosisi – Firesprite

Bryn Richards – Firesprite

Sebastian Castilho – Firesprite

Simon James – Lead Animator – Firesprite

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