The ArtStation Guide to Freelancing

Becoming a successful freelance is difficult; many of the hurdles are just not knowing where to start. How much should you charge? How do you find work?

Don’t worry, with the help of amazing freelancers Alex Beddows, Randall Mackey, Michael Kinsey, Hannah Amy Watts, Clinton Crumpler, Finnian MacManus, and Taylor Brandenburger, ArtStation has put together “The ArtStation Guide to Freelancing.”

The best part is the guide is free!

The guide has 7 chapters covering the following topics:

  1. Your Portfolio
  2. Setting Your Rate
  3. Finding Work
  4. Dealing with Clients
  5. Time Management
  6. Marketing Yourself
  7. Tips & Tricks from the Pros

The information in The ArtStation Guide to Freelancing is built on years of freelance experience, along with stats from freelancers within the ArtStation community. We went through the legwork of asking freelancing peers questions, collecting data and information, and then organizing it all into one easy-to-read guide.

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