Remedy Entertainment Alan Wake 2 Art Blast

Returning to the world of Alan Wake has been a shared dream across the team at Remedy Entertainment. When we finally got the chance to make a sequel, we poured everything we had learned during the wait into it, and we’ve all been thrilled by the enthusiastic reception of this strange and ambitious game.

Atmosphere is everything in a horror game, and in a good work environment. In addition to the incredible individual skill on display here, it requires deep collaboration across various crafts for everything to come together successfully. This believable but quirky and supernaturally scary world is a testament to the creative collaboration and culture of trust within the team. Thank you to everyone who has been part of this.

In the spirit of our game’s themes of creativity, we hope this behind-the-scenes glimpse will inspire you in your own upcoming artistic pursuits!

Janne Pulkkinen – Art Director

Juhani Jokinen – Senior Concept Artist

Oliver Ödmark – Senior Concept Artist

Markus Luotero – Senior Concept Artist

Jenna Seikkula – Concept artist 

John Crossland – Principal Character Artist

Olga Kotiukh – Principal Character Artist

Ankush Khare – Senior Character Artist

Mateusz Doktor – Senior Character Artist

Maiju Härkönen – Character Artist

Elias Frenckell – Character Artist

Daria Merkulova – Gameplay Animation

Ron Frölich – Principal Hard Surface Artist

Sebastian Schulz – Senior Hard Surface Artist

Pedro Amorim – Senior Hard Surface Artist

Maren Gerbach – Senior Hard Surface Artist

Alexandr Savciuc – Hard Surface Artist

Ciara Creagh-Peschau – Foliage and Photogrammetry Artist

Nazareno Urbano – Lead Environment Artist

Benjamin Lindquist – Principal Technical Environment Artist

Raja Ghosh – Senior Environment Artist

Anne-Lynn Sottas – Senior Environment Artist

Ajita Roy – Senior Environment Artist

Masao Ogino – Senior Environment Artist

Jeremy Cerisy – Environment Artist

Jose Zapata – Environment Artist

Samuli Jolkio – Environment Artist

Maikki Harju – Environment Artist

Matthias Patscheider  – Environment Artist

Sergei Panin  – Environment Artist

Alex Schwartz-Rudd – Environment Artist

Mikael Kivi – Junior Environment Artist

Abigail Jameson – Junior Environment Artist

George Phillips – Senior Lighting Artist

Geoffroy Calis – Senior Lighting Artist

Andrea Migliazza – Lighting Artist

Matija Mašek – Junior Lighting Artist

Johannes Richter – Lead VFX Artist

Daniel Kończyk – Senior VFX Artist

Eline Slingerland – VFX Artist

John McKenna – VFX Artist

Pol Rius Casanellas – VFX Artist

Axel Furuvik – Junior Technical Artist

Anna Starosta-Muikku – Graphic Designer / 2D Artist

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