Ubisoft Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR Art Blast

In Assassin’s Creed Nexus players can finally experience the VR fantasy of the Animus they’ve been dreaming about for 16 years, and become the assassin in a fully featured, full length, AAA game, designed for Meta Quest 2 and 3.

All of the classic Assassin’s Creed gameplay elements had to be completely reimagined, not just to work in mobile VR but also in first person. In addition to exploring the Animus, the game returns players to some classic Assassin’s Creed locations: Monteriggioni, Venice, Delos, Athens, and Boston, all originally built for very different console generations and evolving gameplay.

This added up to a monumental challenge for the international team of artists, many of whom had never worked on either mobile chipsets or VR before.

There were no shortcuts. All assets had to be hand crafted to fit the newly imagined first person gameplay and hardware constraints. It was a challenge that was daunting, exciting, surprising, and inspiring in equal measure, and one that the whole team stepped up to achieve. We pushed technological and graphical limits of wireless VR in ways never before seen or imagined possible.

None of us will forget the experience of working on such a unique, groundbreaking project. It was a labour of love and we could not be more proud of the finished product.

Welcome to the Animus!

Art Directors – Peter Grinbergs, Vincent Maury and Jack Couvela

Gleb Vozgrin – Concept Artist – Ubisoft Düsseldorf

Yashaswi Karthik – Concept Artist – Ubisoft Mumbai

Ashish Nade – Senior Concept Artist – Ubisoft Pune

Ryan Teo – Concept Artist – Ubisoft Düsseldorf

Chandra Sekhar Poudyal – Senior Concept Artist – Ubisoft Mumbai

Damir Ambrisak – Level Artist – Ubisoft Belgrade

Pavle Kostic – Level Artist – Ubisoft Belgrade

Tobias Brühl – Lead Environment Artist – Ubisoft Düsseldorf

Victor Denoncin – Junior Environment Artist – Ubisoft Düsseldorf

Inna Strelkova – Environment Artist – Ubisoft Düsseldorf

Gareth Johns – Lead Environment Artist – Ubisoft Reflections

Kevin McKenna – Senior Environment Artist – Ubisoft Reflections

Gareth O’Neill – Senior Environment Artist – Ubisoft Reflections

Oscar Nacher – Senior Environment Artist – Ubisoft Reflections

Vincent Joyal – Expert Environment Artist – Ubisoft Berlin

Alessio Colabianchi – Environment Artist – Ubisoft Düsseldorf

Mika Kuwilsky – Environment Artist – Ubisoft Montreal

Viktor Korneliuk – Senior Environment Artist – Ubisoft Düsseldorf

Malik Razik – Environment Artist – Ubisoft Reflections

Jack Couvela – Senior Art Director – Ubisoft Reflections

Dmitrii Strelkov – Senior Lighting Artist – Ubisoft Düsseldorf

Harley Wilson – Lighting Artist – Ubisoft Reflections

Ritesh Gupta – Lighting Artist – Ubisoft Reflections

Miroslav Gajovic – Level Artist – Ubisoft Belgrade

Vladimir Turčan – Level Artist – Ubisoft Belgrade

Cody Scott – Senior Environment Artist – Red Storm

Magdalena Proszowska – Expert Concept Artist – Ubisoft Düsseldorf

Diego Sain – Senior Character Artist – Ubisoft Düsseldorf

Konrad Krzeminski – Senior Character Artist – Ubisoft Düsseldorf

Denny Jonas – Lead VFX Artist – Ubisoft Berlin

Sebastian Kahl – Senior VFX Artist – Ubisoft Düsseldorf

Eva Watson – Senior Technical Artist – Ubisoft Barcelona

Max Faro – Technical Artist – Ubisoft Barcelona

Lauren Smith – Technical Artist – Ubisoft Reflections

Sen Wu – Senior Technical Artist – Ubisoft Düsseldorf

Nancy Demers – Artistic Director Visual Design – Ubisoft Montreal

Martin Wood – Lead UI/UX – Ubisoft Reflections

Alexey Kolosov – Lead UI/UX Designer – Electric Square

Jihyun Bae – UI/UX Designer – Electric Square

Eshan Rao – UI Artist – Ubisoft Montreal

Pierre-Olivier Nantel – Art Director – Ubisoft Montreal

Hernan Vietri – Art Director – Ubisoft Montreal
Eve Berthelette – Associate Art Director – Ubisoft Montreal

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