Humankind has told stories about the stars for as long as we’ve looked up at them. We’ve spun tales of the gods who walk there and heroes immortalized in these shining pinpricks of light. As our technology has grown, so have the bounds of our imagination and while we cannot yet reach the star systems that grow clearer with each advancement, science-fiction artists, writers, and game developers bring us joy by using their craft to speculate what wonders are out there among the cosmos.

What you see here only scratches the surface on the art created for our space adventure. Development on EVERSPACE 2 began over six years ago as we first started putting together amazing concept art, cinematics, illustrations, and designs for the title. Building on the breakout success of our first game, we wanted this sequel to be bigger and bolder, and it shows not only in the final product of our efforts, but in all the art created for it. We were inspired by countless sources from literature, film, games, and even childhood dreams about astronauts and space. I hope our art and game inspires other artists in turn.

Set thousands of light-years away, EVERSPACE 2 takes place in a far future where Humankind has met, traded with, learned from, and warred against multiple races. We have colonized new worlds and discovered ruins of long-lost civilizations. Though we have not beat many of the problems of today, humankind remains filled with hope as individuals seek better lives on the frontier.

Space is bleak, unfathomable deserts of nothing between comparatively small star oases—but in our imaginations it is filled with dangers, beauty, color and excitement. In our minds, space is where anything could happen. Our artists seized on this desire for spaceborn life to craft stunning visuals that populate our rich and abundant game world. We chose a balance between realism and stylization in order to achieve a unique look and feel, and also to meet our budget and team size.

Curating these pieces was an incredibly difficult task as there was so much amazing work to pull from. The six artists featured have predominantly shaped and inspired the art of EVERSPACE 2—there are of course more talents who have contributed to EVERSPACE 1 and 2 whose work I respect and wish we could have featured as well.

Whether you are a fan of the EVERSPACE series or just love science fiction, I hope you enjoy the concept art, 3D models, environments, character and spaceship designs, VFX footage, and other content we’re sharing from the development of our game. If this wets the appetite, you can find more on our website and in our soon-to-be released Art of EVERSPACE 2 artbook.

My thanks and eternal gratitude goes to our loyal fanbase, their support has been the most inspiring and rewarding experience for me and our team. Our journey isn’t over and we’ll have more to share in the future, but for now I invite you to dive into the concept art that defined our game visuals, design and lore. Please enjoy this interstellar journey through the Beltegrades.

Uwe Wütherich, ROCKFISH Games Creative Director

Tobias Frank – Lead Designer/Concept Artist – ROCKFISH Games

Marco Unger – Lead VFX/Environment 3D Artist – ROCKFISH Games

Matthias Kummer – Lead Vehicle Artist – ROCKFISH Games

Malte Stange – Lead 3D Assets Artist – ROCKFISH Games

Moritz Manhart – Illustrator & Animator – ROCKFISH Games

Jongwon Park – (Former) Concept Artist – ROCKFISH Games

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