Million Dollar Milestone

ArtStation sellers have done it! They’ve collectively made 1 million dollars!

It’s been about a year and a half since the ArtStation Marketplace was launched and only 7 months since the launch of ArtStation Prints and today, we’re excited to announce that artist payouts have officially passed the $1,000,000 milestone!

ArtStation now boasts over 25 000 Marketplace products and 18 000 ArtStation Prints. The easy setup process and free storefront make it accessible for all types of art creators.

You don’t need to be an ArtStation Pro member to start selling but it certainly helps boost your profits. On prints, you get an extra 5% of the base price and on the Marketplace, you get 10-25% more of the revenue!


To learn more about selling your products on ArtStation, check out 7 Ways to Increase Your Sales on the ArtStation Marketplace.



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