Learn to Make Natural Materials Using Substance 3D Designer

4 Substance 3D Designer Breakdowns on ArtStation Blogs

From windswept deserts to frozen lakes, these posts written by the ArtStation community will help you learn how to make a rich range of natural environment materials. Read these Substance 3D Designer breakdowns today on ArtStation Blogs!

Pebble material with Substance 3D Designer

Pebbles Layering Breakdown

by Romain Lemaire

Visit Romain Lemaire’s breakdown to learn how he achieved such a realistic result with these picture-perfect pebbles.

Some people asked about the method of layering I used on my pebbles, so here is a quick breakdown.

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Sand material with Substance 3D Designer

Sand Texture Scan Material

by Dmytro Piatyhorets

See how Dmytro Piatyhorets used a combination of photo scanning and Substance 3D Designer to make this beautiful material.

A scanned material from photos taken a year ago when I was traveling. I had to add a lot in Substance Designer, here is the result.

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Icy material with Substance 3D Designer

Frozen Lake Material Breakdown

by Abderrezak Bouhedda

From reference gathering to rendering, Abderrezak Bouhedda’s post walks you through his entire process for making this frozen lake material.

I posted the frozen lake material on my portfolio & many people asked for a breakdown, so let’s dive into this icy craft.

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Sand material with Substance 3D Designer

Substance Designer – Dunes Breakdown

by Derk Elshof

Derk Elshof offers a look into his process for making these windswept sand dunes.

A small breakdown of my desert landscape that I created using Substance 3D Designer. Hope this is helpful to explore some new techniques.

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