What’s Your Story? Tell It With ArtStation Learning

Don’t Let Creative Blocks Stop Your Storytelling

These five courses on ArtStation Learning will help you to take stories from your imagination and turn them into reality. In this roundup, you’ll also find two brand-new releases from THU TV featuring the talented Amy Aniobi and Natalie Nourigat.

Image of Amy Aniobi talking with thumbnail of storytelling projects she has worked on

Creating Your Original Story With Amy Aniobi


Struggling to get your stories started? This THU workshop with writer and producer Amy Aniobi focuses on how multiple stories can be created from the same initial seed of an idea.

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Image of Natalie Nourigat talking with thumbnail of storytelling projects she has worked on

Pitching Your Story With Natalie Nourigat


Everyone has original stories inside of them. Join writer, director, and storyboard artist Natalie Nourigat for a talk about what makes a story great, why you are the right person to tell your story, and how to find the confidence to pitch it to studio execs.

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Image of Jenny Harder's film in progress

Making a Short Film From Scratch – Part 1 – Planning and Pre-Production

by Jenny Harder

This course by Jenny Harder covers the pre-production of her short film; initial brainstorming, visual development, story, organizing a team, and choosing a platform are all covered. 

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Image of a Robbie Trevino illustration with an alien-like humanoid creature

Into the Numinous – Part 1 – Imaginative Storytelling and Design

by Robbie Trevino

In the first lesson of this two-part series, Robbie Trevino offers a look into how he created his own fictional universe. He discusses his influences, disappointments, and successes as well as insights on how to create a universe with rules and strict principles of design.

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Image from Rembert Montald  storytelling lesson showing a woman getting a dress fitting

Storyboarding – Part 2 – Storytelling Analysis

by Rembert Montald

Follow along with Rembert Montald as he gives film and animatic story analyses, and discusses different storyboarding methods.

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