7 Ways to Increase Your Sales on the ArtStation Marketplace

Looking for a productive side hustle? The ArtStation Marketplace enables artists to monetize their work by selling digital products like tutorials, brushes, assets, references and more. For many artists, selling digital goods is an easy way of making recurring passive revenue.

Our support team often gets questions from artists who want to know how they can maximize their success. To help you out, we spoke to top sellers and observed trends to see what worked best.

Here are a few tips on how you can drive more traffic to your store and increase sales:

1. Add free products

Freebies are the most popular products on the Marketplace. It’s a great way to offer a sample of what you offer and gain more followers you can promote other products to.

As soon as a visitor buys or downloads one of your digital products on the ArtStation Marketplace, they automatically start following you. This happens regardless of whether the product was free or paid. Your followers and previous buyers get notified both on-site and via email whenever you upload a new product.  Free products help build your audience of potential customers and keep them in the loop for upcoming releases.

The ArtStation Marketplace became this gigantic entertainment-art market where I can just start selling without worrying about the promotion and audience targeting. With other competing marketplaces, you definitely have to promote your content yourself. Here, I can just focus on the product itself and that’s great.” – Antoine Collignon

2. Share on social media

The more people that know about your products, the better. The easiest way to bring people to your store is to tell your existing followers or friends.

Did you know?

As a ArtStation Pro member, you earn up to 95% of the profit when selling directly from your ArtStation-powered website. Direct buyers there to give them a more customized experience and earn more.

3. Use your ArtStation Blog to promote a product

Blog posts enable artists to share their news, WIPS, updates and more. A great way to let users know about a new product is to share some thoughts or behind-the-scenes work on your product to get your followers interested in the new product before you even release it.

4. Be mindful of presentation

Make sure all the images and previews you attach to your products look attractive and contain useful information.  For example, if you’re offering a brush set, give examples of what these brushes look like. If it’s a tutorial, you may want to include an outline of your topics or some screenshots. 

Buyers who stumble upon your product are most likely to base their decision on the images and product description. Presentation is key for drawing in potential customers.

5. Practice coming up with the perfect description for your products. 

Product descriptions should make a potential buyer feel confident in what they are getting. A description that doesn’t have enough information might leave potential buyers unsure about purchasing your product. On the other hand, a description that is too complicated might cause buyers to lose interest.

Including video clips or trailers where you can is a great way to inform users in an engaging way.

6. Publish new products regularly. 

When a user adds one of your products to their cart, they are automatically offered to check out up to 10 other products you’ve published. You’d be surprised how many visitors choose to add additional products to their cart directly from the Suggested Products!

7. Participate in the ArtStation Marketplace global sales

ArtStation organizes and promotes large scale global discounts on the ArtStation Marketplace. When you opt in to participate in global sales events, you benefit from all the additional traffic and visibility from the promotion.

“I had no idea that selling just a few characters would end up paying my rent! After a few months of selling on the Marketplace, I can say it was easily one of the best decisions I made.”  – Colton Orr

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