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Artwork of a futuristic space ship

Artwork by Pace Wilder, after watching Ryan Dening‘s ArtStation Learning series Vehicle Design for a Client

Have you made something inspired by one of our ArtStation Learning courses or series? We want to celebrate you and your learning! Artworks tagged with #ArtStationLearning will have a chance to be featured in our regular “What’s New on ArtStation Learning” ArtStation Magazine roundups and social media features.

How It Works

When uploading your artwork to ArtStation:

  1. Tag your artwork with #ArtStationLearning
  2. Link to the course you were inspired by in your artwork’s description.

We can’t wait to see what you create!

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2D Artwork of a glowing magical tree

Artwork by Jeremy Plana, after watching Grady Frederick‘s ArtStation Learning series Environment Design

3D artwork of fire hydrants

Artwork by Svenja Schwark, after watching Emiel Sleegers‘s ArtStation Learning series Creating a AAA Game Asset
3D artwork of men in combat suits standing around a robot microphone on a stage
Artwork by Jian Yuan, after watching Christophe Desse‘s ArtStation Learning series Substance Painter 101

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