8 Resources for Making Believable Surface Imperfections

Give your hard-surface 3D work a convincing appearance with these ArtStation Marketplace resources!

29 Wood Damage Stencils Pack

by Alexander Sheynin

These Substance Painter stencils are useful for painting edge wear, damage, and wood grain.

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Dirty Scratched Wood – Smart Material

by Michal Zisman

Make believable instruments, doors, and other wooden high-touch surfaces.

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Metal Surfaces & Damages Brushes 3 for ZBrush (2019+)

by Andrey F

Give your weapons or armor a weathered feel with this ZBrush pack.

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Ultimate Pack – 150 Tileable Roughness Maps – Surface Imperfection (Part 1 & 2)

by Travis Davids

Use these 150 roughness maps to save time and push the realism of your 3D work to the next level! The roughness maps can also be used in Substance Painter where you can paint directly onto your 3D model.

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Dusty Metal Smart Materials

by CG Sphere

Give your metal creations a believable look with these dusty metal smart materials.

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Surface Imperfections – Dirt & Scratches Pack

by Emil Skriver

This pack can help you get the realism that 3D often lacks with various different finger smudges, weathering effects, generic smudge patterns, specific fingerprints, dust, and grunge maps.

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110 Surface Imperfection – 4k Tileable Textures

by javad rajabzade

Javad has created a mega pack of 110 photorealistic and completely customizable surface imperfection textures.

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Surface Imperfection Volume 2

by Denis Bosque

Give your mech, robot, or machine a perfectly imperfect look! This pack covers grunge, dirt, scratches, impact, and more.

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Use these surface imperfection tools on your next mech project >

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