10 Totally Metal Assets for Making Robots & Mechs

These diverse assets from the ArtStation Marketplace will help you to realize your next robot or mech project!

ZBrush Mech Concept – Tutorial

by Jonas Roscinas

This tutorial for creating a mech character in ZBrush comes with helpful alpha maps and a custom metal material.

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50 High-Quality Metal Smart Material Bundle

by Pamir Bal

This popular smart material bundle includes 50 unique materials in SPSM file format. It also doesn’t need any additional plugins!

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18 Robot Metal Substance Painter Smart Material Pack

by Tod Ryan

These 18 smart materials for Substance Painter were specifically designed for robots and other mechanical objects. The pack includes extra smart materials for cable and dirt.

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100 Premium Alphas for Mech Design

by Vitaly Bulgarov

Delivered in PSD/JPG formats, these 100 alphas are perfect for use in project detailing. As a bonus, the robotic base bust is also included in ZTL/OBJ format.

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Basic Mech Pack With 200+ Alphas

by Nazz Abdoel

This impressive pack includes over 200 basic mechanical shapes to help you quickly add details large and small to your designs. You can use the alphas as they are, or combine them to get more interesting shapes to suit your needs.

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Dot Matrix Substance Painter Filter

by Marcelo Souza

This filter for Substance Painter helps you create a pixelated eye effect. You can tweak the look by playing with the number of pixels, scan line effects, shape variations, and more.

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MechaCrust: ZBrush Panel Line Brushes

by Pierre Rogers

This dynamic duo of panel line brushes for ZBrush can speed up your hard surface workflow by creating consistent seams in your model.

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Kitbash Set: 40 Mechanical Assets

by Jonathan Ching

This kitbash collection contains 40 mechanical style assets to help with your concept design work. Ideal for the design of props, mechs, machinery, and robots.

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Mech Warrior Hard Surface Kitbash 7 of 20

By Oleg Ushenok

This kit contains 12 robot heads with tons of character and personality. A great place to start your next design!

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122 Cyberpunk Kitbash Set 01

by Paul Dave Malla

This cyberpunk kitbash contains 122 ZBrush IMM/ZBP, 54 new alpha details, 8 free additional mech alphas, and more.

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