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The Old Days” by artist Envie P recently broke ArtStation Prints records when it became the best-selling Print in June 2021. We had the opportunity to learn a little more about Envie, and hear what insights he has to offer other Prints sellers. For those ready to take the plunge into Prints for the first time, we’ve also shared how you can get started selling at the end of this interview!

Growing an Audience

Envie started to develop his creative muscle as a middle school student, spending much of his time practicing his paintings. By the time he had entered high school, he’d also discovered the benefit of learning from online resources and tutorials. Being exposed to the works of other artists in the creative community further inspired his own practice.

I got a large amount of resources from websites, and became acquainted with many talents. It influenced me a lot and kept me enhancing my painting skills.

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Eventually Envie started to grow a dedicated audience of fans on social media, and some of those supporters were curious about purchasing his work.

Some of my fans would ask me whether there was any merchandise sold. I found ArtStation was a good platform to use, so I started to sell my Prints.

Today, Envie continues to credit his fans for much of his Prints success. His supportive audience will help share his Prints on social media, spreading his artworks to new connections. He believes the best-selling story of “The Old Days” was in large part due to a particularly viral social media post from a fan.

There is a TikTok video of “The Old Days”. It had many views, and the same day I got lots of orders. All is credited to the support of my fans…I am grateful to them!

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Storytelling for Prints Success

Looking at his large collection of fiction-inspired Prints, it’s easy to see that Envie has a talent for combining art and storytelling. He describes himself as a “big fan of movies and anime,” and says that “stories are a crucial part” of his design process.

Like a film director, Envie devotes plenty of time to planning his scene compositions. He also makes sure to pace himself, taking time to rest and be deliberate with his work to avoid being dissatisfied with the final result.

It takes me lots of time to think what the interaction between the characters of my painting will be.

For other artists interested in developing their own formula for Prints success, Envie suggests offering Prints that tell a universally attractive story.

I think if a work represents something symbolic, it will attract more people to collect it. Good illustration combined with some story will be a good Print.

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