Creating the Ultimate Prototype: 3D Creature Sculpting

Image of two women and an alien creature with thin legs and a long tail

New ArtStation Learning Series for Creature Designers

In this exciting new ArtStation Learning series, John Mahoney will show you how to create a unique 3D creature prototype. Over seven courses, you’ll learn techniques for drafting creature concepts in 2D and 3D; how to move from sculpting in clay to sculpting in ZBrush; how to add 3D scanning into your workflow; the 3D printing process; and much more! 

Get Started With Part 1: Ideation Process in 2D and 3D Today

In the first course of the series, John demonstrates his ideation process in 2D and 3D, starting from a blank page.

Series Overview

Use the links below to jump ahead to another lesson in the series:

3D print of a thin alien creature with a woman sitting on top

Part 2: Sculpting in Clay

Part 3: 3D Scanning

Part 4: Sculpting in ZBrush

Part 5: Visual Storytelling

Part 6: Finalizing the Content

Part 7: 3D Printing

About the Series Instructor

Photo of John Mahoney

John Mahoney is a Pratt Institute graduate with a BFA in Illustration. He has worked as a visual development artist for Disney Feature Animation on numerous films including AtlantisTreasure Planet, and The Emperor’s New Groove. During his time at Disney, he contributed to a total of ten feature films. John has also worked for Lucasfilm, Miramax, and Heavy Metal Magazine. Recently he sculpted toys for Jurassic WorldThe AvengersFrozen, and Ghostbusters for Hasbro.

John has taught diverse subjects including figure drawing, sculpture, film design, storyboards, stop motion animation, and character design in the United States, Singapore, and Taiwan. He is currently producing his own sci-fi feature film called Xentropa, which is currently in pre-production. John works in Los Angeles.

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