Celebrate Fashion Week on ArtStation from April 5-9

In the past few years, digital trends have been transforming the fashion industry, opening up a world of opportunity for fashion designers, creatives, and digital artists. From April 5 – 9, we’re inviting artists to take part in ArtStation Fashion Week to learn more about emerging opportunities in the fashion industry and have their artwork showcased.

All week, ArtStation will be highlighting the Fashion & Costume channel and promoting the work of talented artists in the fashion industry on our platform and social media. Tune in for a week filled with special features, interviews, and free live online events brought to you by our friends at Substance and Drawing Cabaret Couture.

If you’re an artist who creates work in fashion, now is a great time to post your work and discover other awesome artists in your field!

Upload a Fashion/Costume Project

For Students

If you’re currently studying fashion, be sure to tag your artwork on ArtStation with #FashionStudent. You’ll then be able to join the community of other fashion students on ArtStation. It also makes your work easier to find by peers and employers looking to hire new graduates.

Students who post in the #FashionStudent channel during Fashion Week will get the chance to enter a giveaway for 1 of 10 $25 ArtStation gift cards to spend on the ArtStation Marketplace.

Live Fashion Events

Fashion & Textiles Demo in Substance

Wednesday, April 7 | 12:30 pm EST

UCA educator, concept artist, and creative technologist Veeshane Diolle will take inspiration from award-winning graduate Martina Mansaray’s designs to show how to create a tie-dye pattern using Substance tools. Veeshane obtained his Computer-Generated Imagery degree from Kingston University and subsequently studied costume design and academic drawing.

The event will be available publicly on YouTube. Subscribe to ArtStation’s YouTube Channel to be notified when the live event begins.


Live Fashion Drawing with Drawing Cabaret Couture

Friday, April 9 | 8:00am – 10:00am EST and 2:00pm – 4:00pm EST

Join Drawing Cabaret Couture for a free 2-hour online drawing class through the Haute couture designs of  Johannes Warnke and set designs inspired by Gerhard Richter. Whether you’re a pro fashion illustrator or just want to try it out for fun, this is a great activity to practice drawing unique silhouettes and fabric.

Register as soon as possible to guarantee your spot as spaces are limited. Please register for only one of the two sessions. Find out more and sign up here. Read an interview with Drawing Cabaret Couture here.

Brought to you by

Fashion Week is sponsored by our friends at Substance by Adobe, the leading software solution for 3D materials. Substance produces inspiring content and intelligent tools to create and apply materials for 3D. Find out more > 


How do I upload my work to a channel?

When uploading or editing a project from your portfolio manager, make sure you select the channel you want to appear in as one of your subject matter options.

To appear in a hashtag channel, be sure to enter the text as a tag in your project. For example, to appear in the #FashionStudent channel, make sure to include “FashionStudent” under the tag field. Find out more about following a hashtag here.

Feel free to fill out any additional information as well. Then, just click “Publish”!

How do I add the Fashion & Costume channel to my followed channels?

  1. From the ArtStation homepage, open the channels menu and search for it or find it in the list.
  2.  Click on the + on the right side of the tab to add it to your followed channels.

You can also just go to the channel here and click follow in the top right corner of the channel row.

Find out more about customizing your homepage experience with channels here.

What if I’m not available to attend the live events at those times?

No problem! Both events will be recorded and available after Fashion Week.

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