Explore Channels: Customize Your Homepage Experience

As ArtStation has grown to become one of the most visited websites for art and design, we’ve been actively working on features that reflect and celebrate the diverse range of artists who choose ArtStation to host their work.

Today, we’re excited to release Channels – a new customizable homepage experience that enables you to explore more of the artwork you love.

With Channels:

  • Artists can get more visibility for their work across different channels and be seen by more relevant audiences.
  • Recruiters can more easily sort and find artists with the right skillsets to hire.
  • Anyone can personalize their experience to make ArtStation feel like home.

Discover More

The Explore tab showcases projects across all channels so you can discover a diverse range of new art.


Simply tap and scroll through endless walls of artwork.

Customizing Your Experience

Open the Channels sidebar on the left of the page to add, remove and reorder the channels you follow. These are the ones that will appear first in the carousel on your homepage.

You can quickly preview a channel you don’t follow by clicking it on the sidebar. Use the search bar as a shortcut to find a channel that you’re looking for faster.

Choose Your Grid Size

Use the + and – buttons on the right side of the navigation bar to resize the artwork thumbnails. Select larger thumbnails to see more detail or smaller thumbnails so you can view more artwork at once.

Explore channels now to discover new artwork and set up your homepage the way you like it.


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