Create a Hashtag-based Channel

Stay on top of trends and discover new artists in your community with the ability to create a channel based on a hashtag. Follow a hashtag to get a constant stream of artwork based on your favorite trends, interests, and communities.

Share and Discover

Hashtag channels are shareable too, so you can invite your friends and colleagues to add a hashtag to their channels and share artwork using the hashtag.

When you send someone a link to your hashtag channel, they’ll be able to preview it and add it to channels they follow from the channel bar.

Get a feed of reference or inspiration

Use keywords as hashtags to find related artwork and build a reference board for what you’re working on.

Follow movements, events, and trends

See the latest and greatest projects for popular hashtags in the industry.

How to Follow a Hashtag on ArtStation

  1. From the ArtStation homepage, open the channels menu on the left-hand side and select “Follow a hashtag”.
  2. Enter the hashtag you would like to follow in the text field and click “Add Channel”.

Once the channel is added, the modal will remain open if you would like to add another channel. Otherwise, exit to be taken to the channel you just created.

To unfollow a channel, remove it via the channel sidebar.

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