Visual Arts Passage Launches Color Theory Course 

Visual Art Passage, a leader in immersive online art education, recently launched Color Theory, a hit-the-ground-running course focused on the ins-and-outs of color. The course starts on November 19 and is currently accepting applications. 

Mastering color can spark interest, build emotion, direct the eye, and express universal concepts and feelings in your work. This course provides students with the essential tools and techniques to interpret color and apply it in their work. 

Learn more about the Color Theory course here

Applicants are invited to book a free 1-on-1 portfolio review and gain access to a library of class recordings and demos. With Color Theory starting in November, it’s a great time to explore what it’s like to take a class at Visual Arts Passage. 

Visual Arts Passage’s fall illustration courses are instructed by award-winning illustrator, Edward Kinsella. He recently led a live online demo straight from his studio, the same place he hosts classes each week online! 

Here’s what some students have to say about the mentorship experience at Visual Arts Passage: 

Artwork by Rob Jordan

“Visual Arts Passage helped me build a much more cohesive portfolio and find a voice in my work that was previously not realized. I can absolutely say with confidence that I learned more about creating effective pictures and the business of illustration in the Visual Arts Passage Program than I did in four years at an accredited art college.” – Rob Jordan, Illustration Program Student 

Artwork by Anke Gladnick

“This is an incredible program. Mentors are really invested with your success and work with everyone at whatever stage of their artistic development, regardless of style.” – Anke Gladnick, Illustration Program Student 

Artwork by Dymond Starr Boutte

“Visual Arts Passage is not a one size fits all program. And it’s more than just an online program. It’s a mentorship. It becomes tailored to you as the individual. The teachers get to know you and understand your artistic goals at whatever level you are at. They help you see the forest through the trees. Identifying artistic set backs, strengths, and getting to the heart of what you want to create with your art. And they do so by showing you how! The structure of this program is based off of countless successful artists, setting up the students on a path that has them falling in love with art all over again. While opening your eyes to the possibility that, yes that thing you really want to paint and draw all day for a living is possible. – No, really! It’s been an exciting reawakening for me and my love with art making thanks to this program and it’s wonderful teachers.” – Dymond Starr Boutte, Illustration Program Student 

Artwork by Paul Scherubel

“Personal support and lots of in-depth discussions of one’s work with some of the world’s leading professionals in the field. It’s a true eye opener and a magical experience.” – Paul Scherubel, Illustration Program Student 

Don’t miss your chance to find your art mentor and learn and create alongside industry professionals. You can still enroll in Color Theory here

The Illustration Program and Concept Art Program start on Feb. 1, 2020 and there’s still time to apply!

Learn more the Illustration Program here.

Learn more about the Concept Art Program here.

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