DICE Battlefield 1 Art Blast

DICE released the sequel to its flagship title, Battlefield 1 to critical acclaim. We’re thrilled to showcase the work of very talented DICE art team with an ArtStation Art Blast.

Seventeen DICE concept artists, character artists, 3D artists, level artists and lighting artists have all posted their Battlefield 1 work today in their ArtStation portfolios, and we’ve got a selection of that work here. We’ll add more artists as they post their work in the coming days.

To see all of the amazing artwork in one place, try here, or the Trending wall!

Huge thanks also goes to DICE’s Viktoria Anselm and Martin Lindell for making the Art Blast happen!

Concept Artists

Robert Sammelin – Senior Concept Artist

Robert Sammelin (Senior Concept Artist): Battlefield 1

Per Haagensen – Senior Concept Artist

Per Haagensen (Senior Concept Artist): Battlefield 1

Eric Persson – Senior Concept Artist

Eric Persson (Senior Concept Artist): Battlefield 1

Tahir Tanis – Concept Artist

Tahir Tanis (Concept Artist): Battlefield 1


3D Artist

Peter Hermanrud – Senior 3D Artist

Peter Hermanrud (Senior 3D Artist): Battlefield 1

David Olofsson – 3D Artist

David Olofsson (3D Artist): Battlefield 1

Johan Jeansson – 3D Artist

Johan Jeansson (3D Artist): Battlefield 1

Oscar Johansson – 3D Artist

Oscar Johansson (3D Artist): Battlefield 1

Alex Sashin – 3D Artist

Alex Sashin (3D Artist): Battlefield 1

Sebastian Salvo – 3D Artist

Sebastian Salvo (3D Artist): Battlefield 1

Level Artist

David Holland – Level Artist

David Holland (Level Artist): Battlefield 1

Joakim Stigsson – Level Artist

Joakim Stigsson (Level Artist): Battlefield 1

Sofia Jakobsson – Level Artist

Sofia Jakobsson (Level Artist): Battlefield 1

Sokol Mehmeti – Artist

Sokol Mehmeti (Artist): Battlefield 1

Anders Schei – Artist

Anders Schei (Artist): Battlefield 1


Vegetation Artist

Simon Barle – Lead Vegetation Artist

Simon Barle (Lead Vegetation Artist): Battlefield 1

Lighting Artist

Gustav Embretsen – Senior Lighting Artist

Gustav Embretsen (Senior Lighting Artist): Battlefield 1

Anders Lorentzen – Lighting Artist

Anders Lorentzen (Lighting Artist): Battlefield 1

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