Firestarter Community Magazine #4

The new edition of the Firestarter Community Magazine has been released! Along with 22 featured art events you’ll find lectures, interviews and insights from well-respected artists and designers in the creative community.

Firestarter Magazine #4 includes:

  • Cover illustration by Finnian MacManus
  • Intro by Spiridon
  • Finnian MacManus interviewed by Diego Gisbert Llorens
  • Bastien Lecouffe-Deharme interviewed by Veronica Sofia Nitu and painted by Veli Nyström
  • Darko Markovic with 3DCoat
  • Alix Branwyn painted by Carolina Oliveira
  • Marc Simonetti interviewed by Diego and painted by Isis Sousa
  • Jon Beeston interviewed by Spiridon and painted by Paul Scott Canavan and Bram Sels
  • Jasmin Darnell with CLIP STUDIO PAINT
  • Nadezda painted by Marta Nael
  • Leon Tukker interviewed by Julia Nikitin and painted by Rogier Van de Beek
  • Eric Miller of Gnomon interviewed by Lynette Clee
  • Pixoloid Studios interviewed by Spiridon
  • JungGi Kim interviewed by Spiridon and painted by Rafa Teruel
  • Justin Goby Fields painted by Sebastian Horoszko
  • Sara Winters interviewed by Veronica and painted by Mariia Alexandrovna Solianyk
  • Sean Sevestre painted by Faraz Shanyar
  • Sylwia Bomba painted by Ashline Illus
  • Information of 22 events
  • World map with the events
  • Event-calendar

Firestarter is dedicated to sharing knowledge and creating a closer community. Spiridon Giannakis has gathered a small team who believe that effort alone can make a big difference in showing newcomers and professionals how networking can change the face of the industry. By connecting companies, studios, artists and organisers and emphasizing the importance of events in shaping this network, Spiridon has made it his mission to amplify these benefits to everybody.

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