Creating an Image with 3D Renders in Procreate with Stéphane Bourez

Mixing 2D and 3D for an illustration or a concept art piece is quite common, but it’s not always easy to decide when to switch between them and how to get the most out of them. On ArtStation Learning, Stéphane Bourez walks through his workflow in Procreate to sketch initial ideas and composite raw 3D renders together to create a final image.

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Stéphane Bourez is a 2D/3D artist and motion graphics designer. Originally trained as a 3D animator at Les Gobelins in Paris, he starts his career in video games in the early 2000s. He is now based in London, where he has been working in advertising for almost 15 years. Reconnecting with his former roots in the entertainment industries, he recently started to freelance as an illustrator and concept artist.

Read on for more about Stéphane’s course, experience and favorite Procreate tools.

Behind the course:

Over the years, Procreate has evolved and created many great tools, not only for painting but also for compositing and retouching. In this course, we look at how we can use Procreate to make an image using raw 3D renders as a starting point. This is a very common workflow nowadays and it has great advantages. But, at first, it can be difficult to judge how to balance 2D and 3D. This course demonstrates one way of doing it, a workflow that can be very flexible. Fundamentally, it’s all about deciding on a creative strategy and knowing how to pick your battles.

Most memorable learning experience:

The most memorable learning experience of my career must be to realize that one of the most powerful ingredients of creativity and expression in general, is playfulness. One of the easiest ways to be playful in your work is to define a playground where you can be confident in trying all sorts of combinations. In my ArtStation Learning course, the playground is the workflow, in which every step leaves a large amount of space for experimentations.

1 piece of advice:

Surround yourself with people who you can share your drive for creativity. Work hard. Play hard. Don’t be precious about your work. Do it again.

Favorite Procreate tool:

My favorite feature in Procreate is the brush engine itself. It is by far the fastest and the most elaborate brush engine I’ve ever used. Combined with QuickShapes, it’s an amazingly streamlined and powerful tool.

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See more of Stéphane’s work here.

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