4 Steps to Self-Publish Tutorials

Video content creation is the new way people are increasing visibility and reinforcing their status as an expert their field. For some people, it’s becoming a way to generate additional income.

Though creating and publishing video content is becoming easier every day, it is still considered an overwhelming process by many. But it doesn’t have to be.

In an effort to ease your perspective, CGCircuit has rounded up tips from many experts, and whittled down their advice into three areas. This advice will shed light on their process and create clarity for aspiring tutorial creators.

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First of all, a well thought-out plan of how to approach your tutorial is key. This will help you stay focused throughout the production of your content. Your plan should contain things like the subject you wish to cover, your target audience, and what viewers will take away from your video.

This is also the stage to consider how to promote your content. If you decide to promote your content with a smaller “snack size” video or create a video series, you will want to prepare for this as well.

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Before you begin, look for other content on the same subject you are covering. This gives you the opportunity to see what you like about other authors’ style and how you can improve upon what they have done. Obviously, you should not copy other people’s work, but you can use it as inspiration. If your research turns up a lot of content on your subject, do not get discouraged, it can actually play in your favor!


Create a detailed ordered outline of the things you are going to talk about in your tutorial so that you have a clear idea of what you need to capture in your recording. Begin with using your tutorial planner when you create this outline to ensure you are focused on your goal.

When it comes to equipment, you can start with a $30 audio setup and a free audio capture like Screencast-o-matic or OBS Studio.


There are a number of options for choosing where to publish your content. The right choice often depends on the individual. Do you have the ability to promote your content all yourself or could you benefit from a platform provider that helps get your content out there? Consider the idea of having your content stand alone or discoverable as part of a larger library of content. The latter will provide you the benefit of more viewers happening upon your content, but you may lose some of the control in how things around your content are done or displayed.

Of course, the benefit of less control means less responsibility in managing the transactions and viewers. Platforms like CGCircuit were created to provide a home for content producers to easily publish their content, showcase their work, and interact with their viewers if they desire, but removes the heavy lifting of advertising and other burdens. There is no right or wrong way to publish. It’s just about what fits your needs.

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