New ArtStation Learning Series: Environment Production in UE5

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Today, we’re excited to announce a new series that provides an in-depth overview of the entire environment production pipeline in Unreal Engine 5. Produced by the all-star team at Dekogon Studios, the series includes over 20 hours of content that covers everything from project planning to finalizing the art project.

Instructor Lineup

Clinton Crumpler

Clinton is a founder and creative director of the artist collective and studio, Dekogon Studios. Previously an artist at Microsoft Studio’s The Coalition, Bethesda’s Battlecry Studios, KIXEYE, Army Game Studio, Midwinter Entertainment, and various other independent studios; Clinton’s primary focus is environment art, shader development, and art direction.


Stef Velzeboer

Stef Velzeboer is a LookDev/Environment Artist currently working at The Coalition in Vancouver having previously worked at a variety of studios including EA and Capcom. Teaching and mentoring have been a passion of his ever since he entered the field. With a history in general Environment and World Art, he’s currently specialized in material and shader development, focusing on efficient workflows and setups to share in a team environment.

Dylan Abernethy

Dylan Abernethy is a Sr. Environment artist working in the games industry. He has experience working on major game titles such as Far Cry 6 and Gears of War 5, and as an artist for Dekogon Studios. Based in Toronto Canada, Dylan plans to continue working in the games industry, creating AAA-level 3D art, and teaching techniques he picks up along the way.


Rogelio Olguin

Rogelio Olguin is a Lead Surfacing Environment Artist at 343 Industries Microsoft. Rogelio’s experience comes from working at various studios, namely Crystal Dynamics, Naughty Dog, and Epic Games. His core focus lies within materials and environment techniques. While Rogelio brings a unique perspective to materials, his current day-to-day tasks include production and artist management at 343.

Cat Yang

Cat Yang is a Korean-Canadian game environment artist based in Toronto. She has worked on AAA game titles such as FarCry6, Godfall and Gears 5.



The first episode of the series is now available to watch on ArtStation Learning.

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