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tim_headTim Warnock is an art director, illustrator, concept artist and matte painter working on feature films. Tim’s journey has brought him to work at top visual effects companies working on projects such as Pacific Rim, Avengers, Transformers – Dark of the Moon, and Harry Potter – and the Deathly Hollows I & II. The list of companies Tim has worked with include Industrial Light & Magic, Double Negative, Animal LogicIntelligent Creatures and Rocket Science VFX. In 2014, Tim Warnock and Ryan Dening formed North Front Studio.

Tell us about your journey

My artistic journey has been largely shaped by a number of influences along the way. Teachers and and others artists who inspired me and pointed me toward certain subject matter or techniques. When I reflect on it, the common thread in all the work I’m drawn toward is projects that have a strong story to them. In school, book illustration interested me for that reason and now working in film and television there is the same appeal. As for how I got here? A great deal of hard work, sacrifice, persistence and a very very patient wife.

How do you want to impact the world?

I would like to know that the work I do affects people for the good. If it inspires or gives people joy. If it provokes thought. For me that is the most satisfying work. That certainly isn’t the case with everything I work on but as much as I have a choice I would like my work to be part of something with those qualities.

What are you passionate about?

I just really love to draw and paint. It just feels like it’s what I was made for. If I won the lottery tomorrow I would still work hard as an artist. Outside of art I would say I really care about social justice and poverty. It’s pretty cool when you see artists who manage to leverage their craft to contribute to social justice causes. I wish I was that guy.

What would be your #1 advice to other artists?

Stay at home as long as your parents will tolerate you. Every bad decision I have made as an artist has been because I needed or wanted money. If you can find the thing that you love and stick to it long enough to get really good at it, the money will follow. If you want to be a good landscape painter, taking a job as a web designer is going to be the long and frustrating way of getting to where you want to go. Focus is key.

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