Featured Pro Portfolio: Tano Bonfanti

ArtStation Pro website templates are simple, clean and customizable, allowing artists to showcase their work and highlighting their strengths. This week’s Featured Pro Portfolio is with Tano Bonfanti.


Tano  is an Argentina-based concept artist who specializes in character design. His vibrant colors and striking line work is what caught our eye.



Read his interview to find out where he gets his inspiration, his portfolio advice and more!

What is the best piece of art advice you’ve ever received?

The best one is probably to try to stay away from trends and trust your own work. Of course, this takes a long time to develop but is surely worth it. It is temping to make fan art but this is the kind of work that in my opinion, lacks the originality that a personal one has.

What do you do to make your portfolio stand out?

I treat my portfolio itself as a piece of art that needs constant improvement. It is a never ending work in progress. This is very important for me and it helps to edit myself, (a very difficult task to do). This also keeps your work grounded in the kind of jobs that you are looking for.

Where do you find your inspiration?

One of the best things that I do for inspiration is try to watch other disciplines, then try to recreate the mood that I felt while watching them. In a character or atmosphere, I find this really helpful because you are not taking a particular image as reference and this way you can make a piece with hints of different elements that are not common. Something that I often do is take a theme or a movie and have that as a frame of overall reference.  For example, I’ll take the atmosphere or another particular element but not a literal interpretation and then create my own take on it. Also, physical activities and movement are crucial to keep my mind healthy and inspired, running and cycling in particular.

 Which piece in your portfolio is your favorite and why?

This is something that I often get asked, and the answer is always the same: the one that I’m working on right now. I feel like my latest work is my best work and I think this is a common feeling in the art community.

See more of Tano’s work on his ArtStation Pro website. To find out more about ArtStation Pro portfolio websites, click here


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