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Guide to Game Art Applications

by Kieran Goodson

Are you unsure if your portfolio is helping or hurting your job hunt? Does the idea of writing another cover letter or resume send a chill down your spine? This three-part series by Kieran Goodson is an essential introduction to the process of getting a job in game art. Kieran covers core topics related to portfolios, resumes and cover letters, and art tests and interviews.

In part one, Kieran gives structure to the portfolio building process from start to finish. Take the stress out of the job search with part two of the series, where Kieran offers a helping hand in structuring your resumes and cover letters for maximum impact. Finish the series by learning how to walk into your next interview with confidence!

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Producing Appleseed Alpha‘s CG Animation with Shinji Aramaki


Appleseed: Alpha director Shinji Aramaki gives an inside look at the film’s production process with Sola Digital Arts. Shinji’s impressive credits as a designer/director include Appleseed, Appleseed Ex Machina, Astro BoyFullmetal Alchemist, and more.

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#ArtStationLearning Artwork Highlight

Artwork by Nathan Wong with help from Introduction to Gaea by Kem Yaralioglu

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