10 Alphas & Brushes That Aren’t Just Skin-Deep

Try not to blush at these ten awesome skin alphas and brushes from the ArtStation Marketplace! From fine pores to rough scars, this list has everything you’ll need to make your next human character.
A close up of a human cheek, showing fine pores

15 Skin Microdetails Brushes for ZBrush

By Andrés A. Martinez Romero

This popular pack contains 15 brushes for adding microdetails to human skin in ZBrush.

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Two texture spheres of wrinkly skin

100 Skin Pack and Brushes

by Celito Moura Filho

These high-quality alphas can speed up your concept work. The pack includes 100 skin alphas, ten custom brushes, four textures, and a video tutorial.

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A close up of skin textures with the caption "CG SPHERE SKIN KIT"

CGSphere Skin Alpha (Skin Kit)

by CG Sphere

CGSphere’s extensive Skin Kit has alphas for detailing the human chest, lips, legs, belly, and more.

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A comparison image showing different skin textures

VDM – Full Facial Skin Pack

by Renan Assuncao 

Help build your modeling accuracy with these 20 facial skin detail brushes. This is a complete facial pack for texturing characters in high-quality detail.

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A comparison image showing different veins and burns

Veins and Burns Alphas

by Nicolas Swijngedau

This pack includes 30 veins and burns alpha maps that are perfect for making details on your characters.

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A 3D avatar is modelling different scars from this pack

ZBrush Scars VDM Brush

by Mohamed Alsadany

This handy pack includes 25 ZBrush VDM Brushes for making scars, cuts, and injuries. The pack also includes a how-to tutorial.

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A close up of a cheek with the textures used to make it highlighted

Skin Alpha

By Tool Hub

You can use these ten alphas to create realistic male and female human faces.

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A comparison of four different skin alphas

20 Skin Alphas Vol.2 (ZBrush, Substance, 2K, PSD)

by VK GameDev

This pack contains 20 alpha maps (PSD, 2K resolution) for adding skin details to your meshes.

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Eight swatches of skin textures are shown in a 4 x 2 row

Human Skin Alphas vol. 1 + Render Scene

by Juraj Skaljin

This pack includes eight ZBrush & Blender alphas that are a great springboard for project ideas. Quickly spice up your 3D sculpting!

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Three close ups of a hand, collarbone, and chest show high-quality skin textures

Black Diamond – Human Skin Alpha Pack

by Black Diamond

If you’re looking for high-quality scan details on your character’s skin, this brush pack is for you.

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