Fall 2017 CGMA Student Gallery

It’s invariably better to show than tell, as any computer graphics industry professional will attest. This a visually-focused field, so it’s only natural that the most effective way to communicate is with pictures rather than words. That holds equally true at the CG Master Academy, where the true value of our range of intensive online courses is best conveyed via the stunning works produced by our students.

CGMA works to ensure each and every course provides an affordable and accessible route to interactive learning for students across all times zones. A team of mentors composed entirely of seasoned industry professionals provides training, guidance and one-on-one feedback, ensuring students gain invaluable insight into the concepts and workflows used at professional studios worldwide and developing the skills necessary to be industry-ready. Thanks to this impressive roster of instructor talent, they’re not only able to deliver a curriculum that meets the needs of artists across multiple disciplines, but which also remains agile – with each season’s course content reflecting the latest techniques and practices shaping our ever-evolving computer graphics industry.

What follows are selected highlights from the impressive and varied body of work created by CGMA’s most recent influx of students. It’s an inspiring collection that pays testament both to the talent of those featured and to the nurturing provided by our dedicated mentors. Registration is already open for the Winter term, with individual payment plans available for each course. Get in touch now – to discuss registration, find out more, or make a portfolio review request – either via email at registration@cgmasteracademy.com or by phone on (818) 561 9542.

Dynamic Sketching 1

Dynamic Sketching 2


Anatomy of Clothing

Fundamentals of Design

The Art of Color and Light

Digital Painting

Drawing & Rendering Techniques for Hardware Design

Introduction to Photoshop

The Art of Composition

Analytical Figure Anatomy

Head Drawing and Construction

Figure Drawing: Anatomy of Style

Animal Anatomy

Environment Sketching

Environment Sketching for Production

Fundamentals of Environment Design

Fundamentals of Architecture Design

Envrionment Design 1

Environment Design 2

Matte Painting

Fundamentals of Character Design

Character Design for Production

Character Design for Animation

Character Design for Films & Games

Becoming a Better Artist

Art Direction for Character Design

Digital Portrait Painting

Narrative Illustration

Comics – The Art of Storytelling

Creature Design for Films & Games

Costume Design

Storyboarding for Animation

Visual Development Mentorship

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