Slither Over to these 9 Scaley Game Assets

Whether your creature slithers, swims, or crawls this collection of scale game assets have got you covered.

Lizard Scales – Substance Designer

by Israel Arciniegas

A scaley material Israel did for The Mentor Coalition’s Nodevember Challenge. 100% proceduraly Made in Substance Designer.

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by Shreni Agarwal

Get this amazing snake scale material with full graph and textures along with sbs file. It contains three files of three variations.

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Reptile Scales [Substance Designer]

by Karthik J

You’re going to want to use this stellar reptile scale material made entirely in Substance Designer.

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Scales material

by Job Hermes

Created with Substance Designer, this awesome scale material is a must-have for your next piece of creature art!

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Fish Scales Material – Substance Designer

by Ellis Edwards

Fish Scales Material was modeled after the neon tetra fish scales. In the provided file, you can make variations of individual fish scales, change water level, sludge color, sludge depth, the opacity of dots, and general overall color changes.

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Fish Scale Wall Material in Substance Designer

by Angel Fernandes

You can follow the process of creating the material through its complete and ordered Graph, with comments and examples. This product includes full Substance Graph with explaining comments, examples, and tips.

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Basic Scales Generator – Procedural

by Marcelo Souza

You can use this as a Material in Substance Painter to add scales to your textures. You’ll have 4 types of scales to choose from and some other parameters to tweak. There are 4 presets to choose from for faster workflows.

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Dragon Scales

by Keith Takens

Procedural Dragon Scales material made 100% in substance designer. Comes with adjustable scale shape slider, and 20 different color palettes. The .sbs file is also included so you can make custom palettes if you wish.

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100 Tileable Displacement/Alpha Patterns Part 1

by Travis Davids

Every displacement map has been created as a 16-bit tif to ensure high-quality displacement results. There is also a normal map version included for every displacement. These displacement patterns are useful for quickly detailing simple geometry or adding more complex surface detail to your 3D models. You’ll also gain access to a fully narrated video tutorial showing you how to create your own tileable displacement/alpha patterns.

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