9 Superb Brushes for Detailing Metal

What’s more metal: that band you listened to in high school or these awesome brush packs? You can be the judge of that when you shop these 9 superb brushes for detailing your metal projects.

Easy Metal Surface Brushes pack

by Vladimir Silkin
This pack includes 8 brushes for easily adding a metal surface in Zbrush and a video with the technique of how this brush can be used.

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Chains – 20 IMM Curve Brushed for Zbrush

by Sergey Samarskiy
This brush set consists of 20 different Chains IMM Brushes to use in various sculpting applications. The chains are UV mapped for easy texturing.

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10 Metal Alphas Vol.2 (ZBrush, Substance, 2K)

by VK GameDev
This pack contains 10 alpha maps to add metal nanodetails to your mesh in Zbrush, Substance Painter and other programs.

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Weld Generator

by Marek Kaplita
This pack is great for both professional and personal work. It comes with one weld smart material and one weld brush.

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Metal Surfaces & Damages Brushes for Zbrush Part 2

by Andrey Feoktistov
Unfortunately, adamantium isn’t real, so metal is bound to get damaged over time or in a fight. Fortunately, this brush pack includes:

  • 23 VDM metal damages brushes
  • 6 forged metal brushes
  • 12 noise presets
  • 8 metal scratches

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Metal Belts Curve Brushes- ZBrush

by Mohamed Alsadany

Get ahold of these 6 Belt Curve brushes to complete your character’s look!

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Welding Brushes 2.0

by Piotr Bieryt
Big hunks of metal don’t just magically fuse together, it takes the work of a welder. This brush back gives the fine details of a welder’s torch.

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Buckles IMM – zBrush

by Roger Perez
Compatible with even older versions of ZBrush, this pack can’t be beat. It has 8 different useful common buckles to help you speed up the creation process of your projects.

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Zbrush – Metal Damage VDM Brush

by Nicolas Swijngedau
40 hand-sculpted metal damage brushes all contained within one Multi-Alpha brush. Perfect to speed up your armors creation!

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