Pixologic Introduces ZBrush 2019

Pixologic, maker of the award-winning ZBrush software, is pleased to announce ZBrush 2019.

Designed and built by artists for artists, ZBrush is the leading 2D/3D digital sculpting application today.  It is used extensively in the film, game, concept design, toy and collectibles industries, scientific illustration and much more.

With ZBrush 2019, Pixologic continues to demonstrate its commitment to meeting the demands of 3D artists.

ZBrush 2019 contains new features and enhancements in rendering with the introduction of Non-Photorealistic Rendering (NPR), giving artists the ability to see their 3D artwork in a whole new way through a sketch style which replicates the hand drawn 2D feel and look. Add overlaying textures, apply halftone paper style, draw a dark outline around your 3D model or apply a number of built-in presets. The new NPR rendering system in ZBrush 2019 opens an entire world of artistic possibilities.

Also introduced in ZBrush 2019 is an entirely new way of creating 3D models: Snapshot3D. In an earlier ZBrush version we introduced the capability to project any texture’s color information onto a sculpted surface, as well as to apply the same texture to the surface of any model as sculptural details. Snapshot3D evolves this feature in exciting ways.  Simply create or import any gray scale image (alpha) to be converted into a 3D model (mesh). The new mesh can then serve as a base for sculpting to create intricate works of art. Artists can also apply Boolean-style additive or subtractive functions to 2D images. This newly merged image can then be converted into an original 3D model.

ZBrush 2019 offers workflow enhancements with the introduction of Folders: a file management system to help organize your 3D assets visually and logically. Far more than an organizational tool, this new feature makes it possible to apply actions to multiple meshes at once such as Move, Scale, Rotate, Duplicate, Delete, hide/Show PolyPaint, even Live Boolean and more. Speed up your productivity with the newly released Folder system.

New in ZBrush 2019 is version 3.0 of the ZBrush automatic retopology solution, ZRemesher. In this third version, ZRemesher 3.0 now maintains creased edges and automatically detects sharp surface angles which results in better quality automatic retopology, especially for mechanical type models. The result is also a more efficient final polygon count…with an increase in speed!

ZBrush 2019 also adds a Universal Camera system. Artists can precisely match the focal length of imported photographs and 3D renders.  It is also possible to export or import the ZBrush camera settings for use in any 3D application.  The ZBrush Universal Camera offers complete control over Focal Length, Crop Factor and more.  It supports undo and redo of camera movements. There is even storage of various camera settings, making it easier than ever to find that perfect final composition.

2 new plugins are included with ZBrush 2019


With the ZColor plugin you will be able to PolyPaint your project with a set palette of colors, chosen to best express the mood you wish to create and allowing for consistent results. ZColor files can also be shared with others when you are working together.

Intersection Masker

The Intersection Masker plugin allows you to generate a mask where geometry islands intersect on a selected SubTool. Simply select a watertight SubTool that contains multiple geometry islands then click ‘Create Intersection Mask’. The SubTool will be processed and a mask will be created on the SubTool where these geometry islands intersect.

New Licensing Options

Pixologic is proud to offer new license options for ZBrush, making it more accessible than ever before to enter the powerful world of digital sculpting. In addition to the currently available perpetual license offered, subscription licensing adds an alternative with lower upfront cost

Pixologic is taking user demands into account and ensuring that perpetual licenses will continue to be available without change. All license types (Single-User, Volume and Floating) are available for purchase as perpetual licenses and this includes academic pricing.

Automatically renewing subscription licenses are available in monthly or 6-month plans.  With a subscription, you will always have the most current software version, at a price that is perfect for hobbyists, students, and professionals who need it on a project-by-project basis. Only Single-User licenses are available as subscriptions and all subscription licenses are commercial which means that there are no restrictions on how they may be used.


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