10 Amazing Digital Painting Tutorials for $5 or Less

The ArtStation Marketplace has some amazing digital painting tutorials. Here are 10 tutorials that can help you get started on improving your digital painting skills today.

Painting/Rendering metal in Photoshop

by Naranbaatar Ganbold 

In this tutorial, the artist shares how they paint metal material in Photoshop.
Videos are a combination of real-time and speed up with notes and text commentary.

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“Traditional look” in Photoshop

by Greg Rutkowski 

In this video, you’ll learn how to achieve a “traditional” look. This tutorial is 130 min long and contains more than 2 hours of video, a brush pack with mixer brush tools and the PSD file.

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Concept Masters Vol.1

by jonas ronnegard 

In this tutorial, Connor Sheehan will show you how he uses 3D to help him with his 2D concepting process using software such as Blender, Photoshop, Octane and Daz3D. This tutorial is very useful for either 2D artists looking to add 3D to their concept workflow or 3D artists looking to use their current 3D knowledge to easier get into concept art painting.

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by Ivan Rastrigin 

In this video, Ivan shares the process of creating a gun concept from initial sketch to final polish in Photoshop. Includes final PSD file and brush pack.

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How to render character with photoshop tools

by Sasha Tudvaseva 

Pack includes:

  • Full 2x speed video process
  • Full PSD with all layers
  • PDF Step by step with explanations
  • A few tips for creating juicy effects

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Draw the Eyes (like a Jedi)

by Chris Petrocchi in Tutorials

In this module you ‘ll discover:

  • the ingredients to drawing great eyes
  • how to line things up to avoid sagging eyes
  • proportions of the eye
  • the one thing you must have in your eye drawing to make someone look alive
  • both traditional charcoal and Photoshop demos

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by ARMAND SERRANO in Tutorials

A simple step-by-step process the artist uses when making a quick turnover of environment design, values, and color during production.

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Lines to Painting

by Anthony Jones

30-minute demonstration on how the artist takes a basic line sketch to colored painting in Photoshop CC. The video covers how to manage layers and when you should actually paint over your lines.

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CGT #3: 4 Hour Digital Illustration Tutorial

by Alex Chow 

This tutorial invites users to watch a four-hour illustration, leading watchers through a commentated video process. This package is helpful for those looking to get an idea of decision-making in longer illustrative processes (notably with color and lighting) and the art of creating original concepts presentable for clients or fans.

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BELOW THE SAL | Isolator Coffin concept process

by Connor Sheehan 
This tutorial focuses on the  artist’s workflow when creating both personal and professional pieces.  This tutorial is mainly catered towards intermediate artists that have a basic understanding of Photoshop and 3D programs.
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