Featured Pro Portfolio: Elias Ravanetti

Elias Ravanetti is a freelance character and creature designer from Milan, now based in LA. His proficiency with both 2D and 3D software has landed him clients like Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures and Aaron Sims.

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In this interview, Elias shares how he got his first job as a concept artist, advice for working in 3D and more.

How did you get your first job?

After completing courses at Gnomon, I dedicated a couple months to building my portfolio. My intention was to become a concept artist and creature designer. At first I had a hard time finding a job. A couple studios reached out to me, but not having previous professional experience got in the way of landing a job. I attended a Gnomon event with a friend where he spotted Aaron Sims. I introduced myself and showed him my portfolio. He expressed interest in my work. A few months passed without hearing back and I started to feel that I wasn’t going to make it. One day I got the call from the studio. They hired me to work on a couple projects and this is how I began my career as a concept artist.

Tell us about one your favorite projects.

I don’t really have a favourite piece of work. Once I’m done with something, I tend to focus on my next project. I like the series where I use distorted 3D geometry. I like the unfinished and broken look, both visually and symbolically. We spend too much time trying to chase perfection. I find that it’s what’s broken and imperfect that’s interesting.

Where do you go to find inspiration?

In my research I refer a great deal to fine art, contemporary and classical sculpture and photography. When growing up, I experienced sleep paralysis. I would see terrifying creatures circling around me while laying paralyzed in bed. Once I knew what was going on, I began to write down what I saw and the sleep paralysis ceased. I still remember those creatures and I try to emulate those experiences in my work.

What advice do you have for aspiring 3D artists?

The best advice I can give someone, especially 3D artists, is to find your niche. Technology is developing rapidly. Soon, everybody will be able to master everything. Technique is important, but if everybody can do what you do, you’ll become expendable, so make sure you can bring something unique to the table.

See more of Elias’s work on his portfolio website. Find out more about ArtStation Pro websites here

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