ArtStation Marketplace Success Story: Antoine Collignon

Antoine Collignon is a freelance concept artist for video games, television and movies production who has worked for clients like NetEase, National Geographic, Ubisoft and Axis VFX/Animation.

For personal improvement and  a way to generate supplemental income, he devotes one or two days a week to creating a range of content that he successfully sells on the ArtStation Marketplace.

For him, the decision to start selling on ArtStation was simple:

“ArtStation is the biggest community in the industry for both companies, professional artists and aspiring artists. The ArtStation Marketplace became this gigantic niche entertainment-art market where I can just start selling without worrying about the promotion and audience targeting. With other competing marketplaces, you definitely have to promote your content yourself. It’s a definite relief, especially when you consider that as a freelancer, you already spent a lot of time promoting your own work. Here, I can just focus on the product itself and that’s great.”

Earning & Learning

Collignon, who started his art career in Graphic Design in 2012, is relatively new to the industry having only begun working in entertainment since 2015. However, the Belgium based artist has been quick to grow his online following and likes to mix up his content by producing anything from personal illustrations, tutorials, apps or games assets.

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“Basically, [I work on] anything that helps me grow as an artist so I don’t feel stuck doing the same routine. I see passive income as a way of life and I’m currently expanding in this direction. You work a few hours on a project, upload it and boom – it gives you income every few weeks. How cool is that?”

On what products are most popular, he says that his assets that help artists achieve an effect in their professional or personal work faster always work best for him. (His Sci-Fi Decals Pack is at the top of the Best Selling Tab). Collignon also shared we can expect a new tutorial on creating keyframes coming soon as well as some more assets in the near future.

To stay up to date on Antoine Collignon’s, follow him on ArtStation so you’ll be first to know when he uploads a new product or project.

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