Expand URLs on Artwork Descriptions

When someone views your artwork, the first place they’ll look to learn more about the project is the artwork description. They want to know more information about how it was created, where it came from and if they like it, where they can find more.

Now, when copy and pasting ArtStation URL’s on your artwork descriptions in a new line, the link will be automatically expanded. The expanded link will show the link title and preview image, making it more visual and easier to see what you’re clicking on.

Give Credit to Other Artists

When you create a 3D piece based off another artist’s work, it’s important to give credit to the original concept. Including the link to the original artwork or artist profile is a great way to share the credit and let your viewers see more about where the idea came from.

You can also include links to other profiles in your artwork description to mention people who may have helped or collaborated on a project with you.

Promote the Products on your ArtStation Shop

Uploading something that’s available on your shop? Or, do you have a tutorial on your creation process? Including the expand link creates a button where anyone who checks out your artwork can click to buy it.

Reference Your Other Artworks

When an artwork you post is part of a collection or the same project, adding links to the other posts helps viewers discover your other work. Multiple URLs work too.

Artwork by Amin Akhshi.

Note:  Expanding URLs only works with ArtStation URLs. It will not work with external URL’s.

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