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The ArtStation Marketplace is a resource for artists to buy and sell products.  A lot of artists swear by needing references so  this week, we’re featuring a range of reference packs that can be used for photobashing, matte painting, painting references and more.

Iceland – Photo Reference Pack

by Johanna Rupprecht 

1000 high resolution images of Iceland, royalty free. Can be used  for painting, as reference, for photobashes, matte painting etc – personal or commercial use.

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by Suzanne Helmigh

Whether you’re just out to study anatomy, need composition inspiration/ref for your card illustrations or want to understand how to hold a bloody sword, this is your refpack!

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Photo Reference Pack: Chinese environments

by Ibrahim Lancoln 

This pack contains various environments from Chinese cities.

Ideal for:

  • Concept artists
  • Matte-painters
  • Photo-bashing
  • Environment artists

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Japan Reference Pack

by Roberto Gatto

What to expect:

  • Temples and shrines
  • Statues
  • Gardens & Nature
  • Some props and interiors
  • 18 century houses

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Female BaseMesh – Eve

by Colton Orr 

This model is ideal for anyone looking to bring their understanding of anatomy and form to the next level. The mesh has Clean Topology, Edge Loops, and evenly distributed quads that make it ideal for sculpting in ZBrush.

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