THU 2018 New Location Announced

Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn is a platform where companies and individuals in the games, film and marketing industry meet to share ideas, talk about their experience, work together and learn.  Founded by André Luís in 2013, Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn has been acclaimed as one of the largest events within the 3D, VFX, Games, and Concept Art industries.

For the past couple of years, the festival took place in Troja, Portugal but this year, the THU organizers have just announced the 6-day digital entertainment event will now take place in Valletta, Malta from September 24-29, 2018.
“THU was looking for an exotic paradise, an island that had the accommodations to house our ever-growing Tribe. Additionally, Malta has embraced the digital creative community, has the necessary technical infrastructure and an incredible history like few places on the planet” said Scott Ross, THU ambassador and founder of Academy Award-winning Digital Domain and former general manager of VFX powerhouse Industrial Light and Magic (ILM).Creators, students, creatives, entrepreneurs, makers, and artists of all kinds call THU home and so should you! Participants can take workshops, get portfolio reviews and even find a dream job. THU is for anyone in need of a creative boost. Stay tuned for more info !

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