Featured Pro Portfolio: Ching Yeh

 Ching Yeh is character designer from Taiwan who specializes in sci-fi robotic concept art. His ArtStation Pro membership enabled him to create a beautiful professional website in seconds and it’s low maintenance –  it gets automatically updated when he uploads to ArtStation!

Check out Ching’s ArtStation-powered portfolio website. 

In this interview, he discusses what makes a portfolio stand out, his best art advice and more.

How do you create a portfolio that stands out from the rest?

My only way is to draw what I’m willing and happy to draw, and always try hard to do something extraordinary. Not for attracting attention, but to explore the possibility of art and creation. Try to create a series of artwork that everyone sees and knows that’s your stuff not only because of your style but because it shows the stories you want to tell and that matter to you. Do you want them to feel sad? Feel scared? Or you are trying to bring back their secret memories? In short, use your art to tell a good story.

How did you begin your career as an artist?

I was an ordinary student back in college who didn’t know what to do in the future and no plans for it. One day, I realized it wasn’t the life I wanted so I started to learn drawing and art on my own. I got my first job soon after I came back to my country.  Since then, I keep learning and found my own style as a concept artist. I also  sometimes do freelance work.

Tell us about one of your favorite projects or artworks.

I would say it’s OBLIVIAZ, a personal project I’m now working on.  I created series of characters like Gods, Titans and False Gods, trying to build a world that is full of madness, myth and the unknown. I want to show audiences all the clues in my drawings so that they can understand there are stories behind these characters and creatures. Will they fight each other? Why were they a called False God? I received all these questions and it makes me happy because I’m not good at communicating with people in general, but I can show what’s going on in my mind and communicate to the world through my art. I don’t have an actual plan for OBLIVIAZ  to be developed to into an animation, movie or game, but it will definitely be published as an art book one day!

What is the best art advice you’ve ever received or heard?

“Knowing what you’re drawing is more important than being good at drawing”. I can’t remember who said this.

 See more of Ching’s work on his portfolio websiteTo learn more about ArtStation Pro websites, click here.



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