Website Builder Updates

We’ve made some really awesome updates recently to ArtStation websites!

Just a recap (in case you only thought ArtStation was a place to dump artwork), ArtStation offers a full-blown website builder built right in. In the past, many artists would try to create their own website, and after a little while abandon it. With ArtStation, all the work you upload automatically updates your own personal portfolio website. It’s free to use and get fantastic results, and Pro members get additional features such as beautiful, customizable premium themes, the ability to hook up your own domain name and more!

New stuff:

  • Mosaic theme
  • Insta theme
  • Contact form

New Pro Themes

We’ve added two new website themes for Pro members, the Mosaic theme and the Insta theme to further kit out how your portfolio looks!

Both themes are currently released as “Beta” for Pro Members. To access them, go to your Website Builder, and configure the new theme. You can also now preview and customize a theme without switching to it. When you’re happy with it, activate the theme to make it live.

Check out the new Mosaic and Insta themes

Mosaic Theme

The special thing about the Mosaic theme is that project thumbnails are not square! Instead, they respect the natural aspect ratio of the thumbnails uploaded for an artwork. This theme was created in response to requests for a layout with non-square thumbnails.

A number of configurations are available including changing the color scheme, the layout of the project page and more.

No square thumbnails!

Insta Theme

The Insta theme is a really minimalist portfolio, inspired by a popular photo-sharing app. 🙂

Contact Form

You asked, we delivered! We’ve added a Contact Form to user websites for Pro members. The contact form enables those of you who want prospects to contact you using a contact form instead of email. If you have a Pro account, you can enable your contact form in your website settings page.

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