5 ArtStation Blogs Finds For Character Artists

ArtStation Blogs is a place where artists can share all of their latest updates with their audience. This roundup shares 5 community-created posts that are all about character art and design.

Images of Kellie's 3D character art

Ystra the Astral Witch: A Self Analysis and Breakdown

by Kellie Lautier

Kellie shares an in-depth breakdown for her 3D animated character that’s based on 2D character art by Alexis Pflaum. This post is a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about character creation workflows.

I wanted to do a sort of self analysis/breakdown of my process and reasoning of my Ystra – Astral Witch character. Not only so I can look back on it to evaluate myself, but also in the hope of assisting others in the creation of their own projects.

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Character Design Process Wattle the Sugar Glider 

by Lara Diego

Lara’s review offers a look at the production and pre-production work that went into making the adorable Wattle the Sugar Glider character.

I created Wattle last year (2021) for a game project in collaboration with the Botanic Gardens, “How’s It Growing?”. I want to share my thought process behind creating Wattle since I had a lot of fun with it.

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Different shots of clothing in Marvelous Designer

Clothing for Characters: Adding Marvelous Designer to Your ZBrush Workflow

by Lewis Banks

Our wardrobe choices say a lot about us, and the same is true with our character art. In this post Lewis offers a look at how adding Marvelous Designer to his ZBrush workflow helped him find new creative opportunities.

I am writing this blog primarily for character artists that are familiar with character creation pipelines, that are interested in learning about Marvelous Designer, how it works and if the benefits of using it

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Image of Savannah's character art

Anima Breakdown (UE5)

by Savannah Tschirgi 

Learn along with Savannah as she traces her path to creating this UE5 fan art project, which was inspired by a concept from Garam Jeong (Malgam).

I recently took CGMA‘s “Stylized Characters in 3D With Hannah Kang” during the spring semester and it was such a blast. I decided to use it as a learning opportunity to put some more real-time stuff in my portfolio and created a game asset with my character using XGen and UE5. Here’s a breakdown of how I did it!

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Principles of Character Design

by Visual Arts Passage

In this informative article Jon Neimeister offers an in-depth analysis of what makes “great” character so memorable.

In a way, character design is more akin to architecture than it is to painting, you must design something that’s visually pleasing and also practical to build.

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