Challenge Update: Calling 3D Artists!

With just under one week left to go for the first phase of the Ancient Civilizations Challenge, now is the time for 3D Artists to start to register and prepare for Phase 2!

Join the challenges

Artists working in the Concept Art Phase are in their final stretch and some of the work produced in just a few weeks is incredible. Don’t forget that whether you’re participating in the challenge or not, you’re welcome to check out what the challengers have been working on to offer feedback or gain some inspiration for your own work.

The second phase will be two months of 3D production challenges based on the submissions first phase. If you’re a 3D artist but have always shied away from participating in these challenges because you don’t have a good concept, that won’t be an issue. Your challenge can be based on concept art from Phase 1, or bring your own concept if you wish.

The deadline to complete the first phase is March 13 and that’s when the second phase will begin!

Register now for:

Game Character Art (Real-Time)

Film/VFX Character Art (Rendered)

Film/VFX Matte Painting

Game Environment/Level Art 

Good luck!

[Credit: Cover Image by Chris X]

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