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Main image: Kiki, Krita’s mascot. Image by Tyson Tan.

The Krita Foundation has launched a new Kickstarter campaign to fund development of Krita 3.1 – with the aim of making the open source paint app “faster than Photoshop” on large images.

Tools to power professional workflows
Over the past two years, Krita has steadily been evolving from a hobbyist app into a professional tool, gaining the ability to save layered PSD files and a more Photoshop-friendly workflow.

Last year, the Foundation successfully raised just under €20,000 (around $22,500) to support development of Krita 2.9, enabling it to put out “its biggest release until now”.

The new Kickstarter campaign aims to raise a further €20,000 to improve performance when painting poster-sized images or large matte paintings with Krita’s ‘pseudo infinite’ canvas.

Another core goal is to add a 2D animation toolset, with timeline and onion skinning.

In addition, every €1,500 raised over the target will fund one of 24 stretch goals, which include improvements to memory management, layer handling, the brush toolset and the Transform tool.

Pledge €500 or more and have your most hated bug squashed
Backers can pledge anything from €1 upwards, and as well as the usual array of Krita merchandise, there are some unusual rewards.

€500 lets you name your most hated bug and have it eradicated from the software – if it can be done in a week of development – while €1,500 lets you pick a stretch goal for the team to work on.

Sadly for Mac users, the stretch goals don’t include an official OS X build: the Foundation is “working to make the OS X version stable”, but expect Krita 3.1 still to run primarily on Linux and Windows.

Back the Krita 3.1 Kickstarter campaign
(Includes more details of the proposed new features, and the backer rewards)

Visit the Krita website
(Includes download links for Krita 2.9)

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