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Image of a 3d character: a strong red-headed woman looks to the side, armor over her shoulder. From the Character Production series on ArtStation Learning.

Announcing another exciting Dekogon release on ArtStation Learning! Senior 3D Character Artist Daniel S. Rodrigues is the host of the new Character Production series on ArtStation Learning. In this “Dekology” training, you’ll learn real-world methods that character artists use in game production. Over five videos Dan teaches you everything you need to make a game-ready character, starting from first concept to final 3D render.

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Series Instructor: Daniel S. Rodrigues

Photo of Character Production ArtStation Learning instructor Daniel S. Rodrigues

Daniel is a Senior 3D Character Artist with over 7 years of experience creating both highly stylized and high fidelity characters, and quite a bit in between. Daniel has worked on a wide range of projects: from movies like Doctor Strange and King Arthur; to mobile games like Hero Hunters and Battlefield Mobile; to console and computer games such as Luigi’s Mansion 3, VHS, Triad Wars; and a very exciting unannounced AAA game. He’s always had a passion for teaching and mentoring, which he’s been doing for over 7 years at places like Think Tank Training Centre and CGMA.

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