Featured Pro Portfolio: Mark Chang

This week’s Featured Pro Portfolio is from Mark Chang, a concept artist and graphic designer from Taipei, Taiwan. He works freelance because he loves to collaborate with different people and companies, always making something that he hasn’t done before. His ArtStation Pro portfolio website with his customized Bombastic theme is perfectly chosen to show off the beautiful high resolution details in his artwork. Mark says, “Creating new things and doing experiments is always my goal in life, it motivates me and makes the world more interesting and hopeful.”

Read his short but sweet tips and advice on improving your portfolio and skills below:

 What is your most valuable portfolio tip?

Don’t show everything in your portfolio, a series of artworks that shows a clear style will be more effective in catching your audience’s eyes. Let people know what you are really good at instead of just showing people you can do anything.

What do you do to get you noticed?

It’s important for me to not only put my artwork on social media but to also spend the time to manage them.  ArtStation, Facebook, and Instagram are all great tools to help me get noticed and finding a collaboration opportunity.

 What kind of training or practice did you do before you were able to get a job as a concept artist?

I told myself when I was in college that I would create at least one work everyday. That means you have at least 365 works/practice in a year and now I have over 1000 pieces in my everyday practice folder on my hard drive, like many little drops that make an ocean. My advice is to just do it​!​ Keep practicing and keep working on something until your artwork becomes better and better.

See more of Mark’s work on his ArtStation Pro website. To find out more about ArtStation Pro portfolio websites, click here

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