THU TV Available Now on ArtStation Learning

Trojan Horse is a Unicorn is an annual event that has brought together top industry creatives to deliver powerful lectures to thousands of artists who love to create. THU is on a mission to empower creators through access to opportunities and inspiration, opening the door to a creative world.

THU TV, a collection of talks and workshops from the event over the past years, is now exclusively available on ArtStation Learning. The collection includes over a hundred hours of content by world-renowned speakers like Iain McCaigSparth, Raphael Lacoste, Crash McCreery, Ruan Jia, Craig Mullins, and many more.

Watch THU TV

For the next few months, ArtStation will be releasing new THU TV content every week! Unlimited access to ArtStation Learning is included in ArtStation premium subscriptions, starting at just $6.99/month.

Start watching these newly released videos now:

The Secret of Life – Iain McCaig

Image Making – Process and Theory – Robh Ruppel 

Creating Art With a Purpose – Moby Francke 

Vehicles, design color and texture – Ian McQue



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