Celebrate Animation Week on ArtStation

Join us in celebrating Animation artists from December 6 – 12 on ArtStation!

All week, we’ll be highlighting the Animation channels on ArtStation’s homepage and promoting the work of talented animators on our platform and social media. Follow along for a week of special content for animators, featured artists, spotlight animation jobs and more.

If you’re an artist working in animation, now is a great time to post your work, maximize your post visibility and discover other awesome artists in your field!

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Featured Channel Schedule

Wondering when is the best time to follow the work you love or post your artwork? Consult the schedule below to see which channels will be featured during the week.

To keep track of all Animation content on ArtStation throughout the week, be sure to follow the #Animation channel. Click here to add it as a shortcut to your homepage!

December 6 – #Animation 

To kick off Animation week, we’re featuring all artwork from the #Animation channel.

December 7 – Visual Development

The Visual Development channel showcases creative work used to develop visuals in animation, typically for movies, TV shows, and cinematics.

December 8 – VFX for Film, TV and Animation + Motion Graphics 

The VFX for Film, TV and Animation + Motion Graphics channel will showcase rendered visual effects for film & television, animation, and cinematics for both live-action and animation along with artwork with a focus on animated graphics or text.

December 9 – #WomeninAnimation

In association with WIA (Women in Animation), we’re showcasing the work of women in the field of animation and inviting them to participate by posting their work with the tag #WomeninAnimation.

December 10- Character Animation

The Character Animation channel showcases artwork specialized in the area of bringing a character to life through animation.

December 11 – Storyboards

The Storyboard channel showcases narrative, sequential shots and panels that demonstrate action.

December 12 – #StudentsinAnimation

To conclude the event, we’re showcasing the work of art students or aspiring artists in the field of animation. To participate as a student, post your artwork and tag it with #StudentsinAnimation.

You can also expect special student showcases from the talented students at ARTFX and 3DSense Media School.

Special Offers

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Artwork by Juan Useche


How do I upload my work to a channel?

When uploading or editing a project from your portfolio manager, scroll to the bottom and make sure you select the channel one of your subject matter options.

To appear in a hashtag channel, be sure to enter the text as a tag in your project. For example, to appear in the #StudentsinAnimation channel, make sure to include “StudentsinAnimation” under the tag field.

Feel free to fill out any additional information as well. Then, just click “Publish”!

How do I add the #Animation channel to my followed channels?

  1. From the ArtStation homepage, open the channels menu on the left-hand side and select “Follow a hashtag”.
  2. Enter the hashtag you would like to follow – in this case “Animation” –  in the text field and click “Add Channel”.

You can also just go to the channel here and click follow in the top right corner of the channel row.

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