Master the Art of Character Design with ArtStation Learning

Unlock the power to design life-like characters! Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, we’ve put together a number of ArtStation Learning courses and series that will give you all the guidance you need to hone your skills as a character artist.

Building an Original Character

by Envar Studio, Pedro Krüger, Meesh Chen, and Ilse Harting

Join Envar artists Pedro Krüger, Meesh Chen, and Ilse Harting as they share their methods for creating gaming characters. This four-part series covers distinct stages in the process of character development, including sketches, orthography, 3D models, and promotional illustrations. The trio also illustrate how artists from various fields collaborate to produce a unified artistic vision.

A Career In Character Design, Set Design, & Storyboarding With John Nevarez

by Playgrounds TV and John Nevarez

In this Playgrounds TV interview, animator John Nevarez, a well-known contributor to movies like Cars 2, Inside Out, and Coco gives us an overview of his approach to character design, set design, and project highlights. During the interview, John shares experiences from his 20+ years in the industry, along with his creative processes, and inspiration sources. 

Designing Characters With Personality and Expression

By Jenny Harder

From establishing the scope of a project to producing renders with engaging poses and expressions, character designer Jenny Harder walks you through the entire character design process in this course. She emphasizes the significance of creating characters with personalities and facial expressions that serve as a point of connection between the character and the audience. 

Character Art Test

By Dekogon Studios and Jared Chavez 

In this three-part series presented by character artist Jared Chavez, you’ll discover what it takes to pass a AAA-level character art test. As he guides you through the processes of reference, production, and presentation, he also provides advice and explains the qualities he seeks in applicant submissions. 

Character Illustration in Procreate

by Amber Aki Huang

Join character designer Amber Aki Huang as she walks you through creating endearing character illustrations in Procreate. In this practical course, Aki provides guidance on how to use Procreate’s software effectively and efficiently, for everything from developing an initial sketch to completing a polished render. 

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