Become an Affiliate: Promote and Earn

Earnings for users on ArtStation just got a huge boost – whether you’re a seller or not!

Today, ArtStation is excited to announce a new Affiliate Program on the Marketplace.

ArtStation is the only platform for artists that not only advertises your products for you but also incentivizes others to advertise for you too. With the new Affiliate Program, sellers will earn more and promoters can be rewarded for advertising products.

Become an Affiliate Partner

Anyone can be an affiliate partner and start earning commissions right away!

As part of the Community Affiliate Program, ArtStation users can earn 15% whenever a product they recommend makes a sale. By promoting a Marketplace product you love, you’re not only making easy money without creating any products, you’re also helping support the artists/sellers.

Getting Started is Easy

To start earning as an affiliate, all you have to do is find a product you’d like to promote, copy your affiliate link on the product page, and share. You can share or embed the links on blogs, websites, social media, or send them directly to a friend. When the product you recommend makes a sale within the 30-day cookie window, that’s money in your pocket!


You can get real-time reporting on the performance of your affiliate links via your Affiliate Profile.

Find out more about becoming an Affiliate Partner > 

Earn More as a Seller

Sellers can now earn up to 95% selling on the Marketplace promoting their products.

Your Traffic, Your Earnings

ArtStation has reduced our fee to give sellers and the community the opportunity to earn more for driving traffic.

When you self-promote your own products using your own affiliate links, you’ll add the 15% commission to your earnings.

For Pro members, this means earning 95% of the sale as the ArtStation selling fee is just 5%. For non-Pro users, self-promotion earns you 85% of the sale (15% selling fee).

Incentivize Top Promoters with Higher Commissions

As a seller, you can create a contract to give promoters a 20%-80% commission on affiliate sales. Work with influencers and blogs to promote your content to maximize visibility and negotiate your own terms.

Find out more about creating a contract here.

Track Sales in Real-time

From your Seller Profile, you can see a complete breakdown of how all your products are performing. See where your sales are coming from, what’s in the sales funnel, and how much you’re making.

To get a better idea of your earnings for each product, check out the earnings calculator here.



Am I giving up part of my earnings as a seller?

The affiliate fee comes out of what was previously ArtStation’s fee, so there is no additional cost to the seller from the previous model.

It’s up to the seller if they want to give a larger portion of their sales to partners by creating a contract.

Can I be both a seller and an affiliate?

Absolutely. Sellers can earn 95% when promoting their own products but they can also earn money as Community or Contract affiliates.

Your earnings and sales reporting are separated. To see your sales reporting for your own products, go to your Seller Profile. Your sales reporting as an affiliate is available in your Affiliate Profile.

What happens if my product made a sale without any self or affiliate promotion?

If the product is discovered with no referrer on the Marketplace or via an ArtStation promotion or marketing campaign, ArtStation acts as an affiliate/referrer and retains the 15% commission.

ArtStation constantly invests in marketing for sales that drive millions of visitors and development for new Marketplace features. So, part of this is reinvested for growth in these areas.

How can I get a contract to earn more than 15% with a seller?

Only sellers can create contracts. If there’s a seller you’d like to work with, please reach out to them directly. You can message most sellers from the message button on their profile.

What does a 30-day cookie window mean?

When a user follows a website via an affiliate link, a cookie is stored on that user’s computer. The cookie is what helps track the referral source. So, a 30-day cookie window means that as an affiliate, you have 30 days from when a potential buyer clicked your link to close the sale.

What about sales on my ArtStation-powered website?

Sales made from your ArtStation-powered websites are not affected by the affiliate program.  More about earnings from your website here.

If you need any assistance with Affiliate Programs on ArtStation, please visit the Affiliate Support Page or contact us at

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